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All kind of small measuring machines, 2D measuring machine, un-contact 3D measuring machine, measuring microscope, coordinate measuring machine, multi functional hardness instrument

  • 3D measuring machine CRYSTA-Apex S 500 series

  • 2D measuring machine

  • Un-contact 3D measuring machine

  • Armature tester

Model No. CRYSTA-Apex
Measuring range X axis 500mm
Y axis 400mm 700mm
Z axis 400mm
Resolution 0.0001mm(0.1µm)
Guide method Air bearings on each axis
Drive speed 8-300mm/s (CNC mode),
max. Speed: 519 mm/s
0~80mm/s (J/SMode: High Speed)
0~3mm/s   (J/S Mode: Low Speed)
0.05mm/s   (J/SMode: Fine Speed)
Max.measuring speed 8mm/s
Max. drive acceleration Each axis:1333mm/s²
Max combined acceleration:2309mm/s²
Workpiece Maximum height 545mm
Maximum mass 180kg
Mass (including the control device and installation platform) 515kg 625kg
Air Supply Pressure 0.4MPa
Consumption 50 L/min under normal conditions (air source: 100 L/min)
Equipment Brand Size Link
2D measuring machine MAUSER  600mm -
Un-contact 3D measuring machine Micro Vu 600x450mm
Micro Vu 3D CMM Mitutoyo 500x700x400mm
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